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Title : Recruit menti who participate in the Global buddy Program

We will recruit menti who participate in the Global buddy Program.

This program’s main aim : It will help international students to adjust with school life

                                            and it will establish plans for short-term targets and future career paths.

Recruit number : 24 graduate students who can speak English (freshmen will be selected first)

Recruit period : 2017.05.14th-19th by 4:00PM

Activity period : Activities for one month during the first semester

Activity Contents :

                           1. Korean mentors help foreign menti to adapt to their school life.

                           2. Korean mentors help foreign menti to omplete a workbook for their short-term goals

                              and future career plans. (Your workbook must be faithfully completed)

◉ Scholarship : We will give a scholarship of 100,000 won to menti who participate in this program.

** Students who want to participate should complete the attached application and submit them to international office by this Friday (May 19th).

Attached file Attached file (파일 명이 길 경우 브라우저 특성상 파일명이 잘릴 수 있습니다.)

Global Buddy Application.docx

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