Graduate School


Graduate SchoolFounded in 1946, Graduate School, Chosun University currently has 71 Master and 64 Ph. D. courses with a student enrollment 2,480.
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ㆍScholarships are available for international students.
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Graduate School

Admission Procedure

The admission committee makes admission decisions through a comprehensive review of the application Documents submitted.  We send Admission letter to only applicants who are admitted.

Admission Procedure



Application Deadline

May 28, 2019

Local time

Admission Announcement

June 28, 2019


Registration Deadline

Aug 5, 2019 – Aug 9, 2019


The first day of class

September 2, 2019


Applicants will be excluded from the admissions evaluation process if documents are not delivered until the application deadline (Local time).

Announcement: Community Notice


Submission Address

We only accept an application by the airmail, door to door delivery and submission in person.

(We do not review, reply and accept any document through e-mail)

Korean Address: 대학원 담당자

광주광역시 동구 필문대로 309번지 조선대학교 국제협력팀 우편번호: 61452

전화: +82-62-230-6789


EnglishAddress: (Please write "Graduate Candidate")

International Office, Chosun University, 309Pilmundaero, Dong-gu, Gwangju, 61452,

Republic of Korea




1. Graduated or is going to graduate from a bachelor's or master's degree in Korea or a foreign country

2. Language: Applicants should submit one of thefollowing language test scores.

 - Korean: TOPIK 3rd grade and higher

  Below departments are required for TOPIK 4th grade and higher

Dept. of Korean Language and Literature/Dept. of Creative Writing

Dept. of Humanities Education (Korean Language Education)

- English:  TOEFL PBT 530, TOEFL CBT 197,TOEFL IBT 71, IELTS 5.5, TEPS 600 and higher

Students who do not have the required language score can apply for admission to the Department of Natural Sciences and Engineering, and Arts and Sports.

However, they'll be excluded from the scholarship for international students (33%).

Also, if they do not have the above language qualifications within one year, their admission will be canceled.


3. Applicants whose parents are both foreigners or overseas Koreans who have completed the courses that are equivalent to elementary, secondary, and college education in Korea.

Academic Credentials Confirmation (Important)_26 Nationality

China, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Peru, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Guinea, Mali, Uganda

↑ Applicants from the above countries must submit proof of diploma and official confirmation from ①or ② below.

We don't admit the diploma of applicants from above countries without official confirmation.

① Degree verified by the consulate

     : the Korean consulate in the applicant's country or the applicant's embassy in Korea

② Graduation Certificate (Degree Certificate) Apostilled

     : Apostille convention countries  only

③ China: Chinese Ministry of Education's Academic Achievement • Issuance of Degree Certification Center Academic Achievement • Degree Certification Report (Academic Achievement in China)

If you have obtained a degree from a university in Korea, you do not need an official confirmation.


1. 33%-of-tuition-fee remission will be awarded to 15 excellent students among applicants each semester.

Students who receive this scholarship have to maintain their GPA (Grade Point Average) 3.5 or better during their study period at Chosun University. Valid for four semesters: 2 years), who has language scores only.

2. 50%-of-tuition-fee remission will be awarded to students who are selected as research assistants by their advising professor.


2019  学年 第二学期 博士集中课程招生简章