Dept. of Economics


Educational Objective

This department aims to nurture economic experts with healthy ideas and creative power who can actively respond to changes in the economic environment and apply and recreate economic knowledge for the 21st century

Educational Goals

  • To nurture creative economic experts who will lead in the area of economy in society.
  • To nurture economic professionals who can combine and recreate theories with practice.
  • To nurture practical economic experts who can analyse and respond to economic phenomena in a reasonable way.
  • To nurture elites with practical problem-solving ability and the means to use information based on the knowledge in their majors.
  • To help students to respond to the rapidly changing development of knowledge by reinforcing their major's education.
  • To nurture leaders of the economy who can meet the challenge and lead in globalization and the information society.
  • To nurture elites with international competitiveness through professional education.