Dept. of Architectural Engineering


Educational Objective

International society has had rapid changes in the 21st century. University education in architecture has had severe structural changes in existing systems according to its certification system. Therefore, we have managed a 4-year department program of Architectural Engineering and a 5-year division program in Architecture simultaneously to deal with the changes. In particular, as the developmental trends of universities has reached its peak the educational environment as well as the teaching personnel and facilities have improved and advanced with the introduction of advanced equipment and materials and an inter industry university cooperative system has been developed. Therefore this department aims to produce personable leading talented engineers and architects who consider the properties and life of the people as precious.

Educational Goals

  • This department aims to nurture qualified leaders as well as architects and architectural engineers by managing Architectural Engineering and Architecture simultaneously to meet the needs of a globalized society.
    1) We develop educational programs and environment and expand teaching and research which corresponds with the level of advanced countries in architectural design and architectural engineering.
    2) We realize architectural programs which are designed to nurture qualified leaders who are internationally certified.
    3) We aim to study, develop, and manage educational and research programs which maximize professionalism in architectural personnel.


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