Dept. of Chemical Engineering


Educational Objective

This department aims to nurture competitive elites through education as a base of chemical engineering including life chemistry and industrial chemistry under the intent to realize the educational ideals of Chosun University and to study chemical engineering as a composite science. To achieve such a goal we have opened several useful programs including field study needed by our community to acquire technology and knowledge. As well, we have expanded the range of education to provide more jobs and support for students. We nurture competent engineers, researchers, and scholars who will lead in the industrial development of chemistry and life science who meet the needs of international society.

Educational Goals

  • To nurture human resources who acquire knowledge on their major and solve problems with practical skills.
  • To nurture engineers with knowledge in the latest theories and their application in chemical engineering and in life chemical engineering.
  • To nurture engineers who can actively function in the era of globalization and informatization, who have vision and responsibility as engineers, and effective communication ability to enhance national competitiveness.