Dept. of Nuclear Engineering


Educational Objective

Nuclear Engineering is a huge composite scientific technology which is divided into energy use, production, and the use of radiation. This department aims to nurture professional human resources who study and develop technology to help us become one of the advanced countries of nuclear energy technology.

  • To cultivate the ability to understand and apply the design concepts of nuclear power stations.
  • To cultivate the ability to measure, manage, and protect from radiation and the use of radioisotopes.
  • To cultivate the ability to use computers and the latest engineering tools needed for practical engineering problems.
  • To teach theories in mathematics, basic science, basic engineering, and their application.
  • To nurture engineers with efficient communicative ability to enhance multi-disciplinary teamwork.
  • To nurture engineers with thinking power and responsibility.
  • To nurture engineers who can understand the changes in society, economy, the international environment, and in other majors and apply those changes to practical engineering.

Educational Goals

This department teaches basic and intensive knowledge on nuclear power and provides specific education and research in the multi-purposed use of nuclear energy as well as knowledge on design, management, safety, durability, and the rate of use of nuclear power stations, the control and disposal of waste from nuclear power stations, shielding and defense against radiation, the industrial use of radioisotopes, fast-breeder reactors, and nuclear fusion in order to nurture competent nuclear engineers and researchers.

  • To nurture practical engineers / To nurture engineers who understand and use nuclear systems and radiation.
  • To inspire technological ethics /To cultivate the spirit of ethics for human welfare and social development based on a proper understanding of nuclear energy and the dangers of radiation.
  • To nurture elites for the 21st century /To nurture elites with adaptability, creativity, and challenging minds based on the diversities in nuclear engineering.


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