The College of General Education

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The Institute of General Education was established in November 2009 with the belief that we can realize the educational ideals of our university and that education for undergraduates can be stable only when education is faithful to a basic paradigm. Its status was raised to a college on January 1st, 2011. This college has made every effort to reinforce the basic knowledge needed by this society, that is, ethics, aesthetic sensibilities, complex and creative thought, and smooth communication and language ability. We will lead in nurturing elites with strong confidence and motivation as the birthplace of a fertile education.

Related Divisions

The Division of Liberal Atrs

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Liberal Arts consists of four specializations. First, general liberal arts aims to nurture leaders who have basic knowledge as civilized citizens, leadership, and community spirit through the connection of various disciplines with an extracurricular voluntary service program. Second, core liberal arts is a center for education to nurture creative global cultural leaders in artistic and cultural sensitivity and creativity. Third, basic liberal arts aims to reinforce students global capacity as well as linguistic and academic communication ability and build an academic base. Fourth, global liberal arts provides intensive English education and a dormitory-type foreign language immersion education.

Educational Goal
  • To have a creative education which nurtures insight in culture and art.
  • Humanistic liberal arts education to reinforce basic knowledge and community spirit as civilized citizens.
  • An education in Communication necessary for global leaders.

The Division of Undeclared Majors

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This division focuses on the development of critical thinking and logical representation as well as global communication abilities to nurture self-motivated elites who contribute to our nation and the world. We provide opportunities for students to maximize self-development through the free exploration of various disciplines and the selection of majors appropriate to their aptitude.

Educational Goal
  • To nurture active elites who make their road to the world.