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This college is composed of a single unit, pharmacy. We educate the whole process from the basic theories on natural matter and resources for oriental medicine, synthesis, medical action, to preparation for the development of new medicines. For junior and senior students, careful education is provided through an organized curriculum designed to prepare a theoretical base and perform various areas of practical pharmacy for qualified pharmacists. The faculty, composed of specialists in each area, has engaged in various research activities through financial support from the university. These research activities the students can participate in to expand their academic knowledge. Students can also participate in students clubs for music, orchestra, and computers to enhance their cultural background.

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Dept. of Pharmacy

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This department aims to nurture pharmacists with good personalities who acquire profound knowledge on academic theories, clinically useful skills, and contribute to prevention and treatment of diseases, and national health. /p>

Educational Goal
  • To nurture pharmacists who prescribe medicine and give guidance to patients based on information on reasonable medication and pharmaceutical drugs which make up a reinforced clinical pharmacy.
  • To nurture specialized professionals focusing on research needed in pharmaceutical medicine and the industry.
  • To nurture leaders, focusing on practical education, who can be responsible in various areas such as public health, the environment, and food hygiene.