The Division of Military Science

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This division aims to nurture specialists in military science and professional soldiers who will lead in the knowledge and information-based society of the 21st century. To realize the foundational ideals of our university and contribute to nurturing elites in military society, we teach military science as a major and students can complete a dual major program or major and minor program. A 100% scholarship is given to male students for four years and additional scholarships may be available. Immediately after graduation, students can be commissioned as second lieutenants.

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Division of Military Science

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This department aims to nurture professional soldiers and experts in military science who will be a responsible force for security and lead in the future of national unification.

Educational Goal
  • To nurture leaders with international knowledge and the ability to use information.
  • To nurture talented elites with human-oriented leadership and intensive knowledge in military science.
  • To nurture healthy personalities along with strong physical strength.