The Division of Counselling Psychology

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This department focuses on all areas of counselling and the understanding and diagnosis of various psychological problems based on the knowledge and theories of general psychology. We have a variety of educational programs to enhance firm minds for duty and service, good interpersonal relations, and organized curriculum through clinical practices and psychology training at Chosun University Hospital.

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Division of Counselling Psychology

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Counselling Psychology focuses on the promotion of the understanding of mental health, interpersonal relations, self-growth, the adjustment of contemporary people and the presentation of practical methods to solve problems. Psychology is a theory-based study while Counselling Psychology is an application-based study to apply theories to actual problems. This department was opened in 2007 focusing on the diagnosis and healing of various psychological problems based on the accumulated knowledge and theories in general psychology.

Educational Goal
  • To nurture counsellors who can contribute to personal and social welfare and wellbeing based on the belief of respect for humans.
  • To nurture specialized counsellors who apply counselling techniques and theories they learn for education and clinical use and in industrial fields to improve our quality of life.
  • To nurture preliminary counselling researchers who can do research on counselling independently.