The Division of Speech-Language Pathology

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This division is open to nurture competent language pathologists who can diagnose and cure communication disorders. We aim to learn actual skills to cooperate with people with disability and their families in addition to academic knowledge needed for pathology. As of now 80% of people with disability require language therapy, but only 500 pathologists are produced annually. Therefore, we have a bright future to reflect the social demands of nurturing elites who can serve the community.

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Division of Speech-Language Pathology

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Speech-language pathologists should consider the environment and future of patients first in a close relationship with their families and guardians as well as acquire knowledge on diagnosis and treatment of speech and language disorders. We aim to acquire knowledge on major and practical skills to cooperate with people with disability and their families.

Educational Goal
  • To provide specialized education and practices on varieties of communication problems of language development disorders, aphasia, stuttering, aural disorders, and articulation problems.
  • To nurture capable speech and language pathologists who can manage clinical cases effectively.