The Division of Natural Medical Sciences

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This division was opened in 2009 as an independent division aiming to nurture elites who will go on to medical school, dental school, and the 6-year college of pharmacy and be engaged in research in medical sciences. We provide a curriculum designed for the examinations in medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy education and specialized educational programs appropriate to nurture reason and a scientific thinking ability.

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Division of Natural Medical Sciences

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This division was opened in March, 2009 aiming to nurture future leaders who will be responsible for the future of Chosun University. We nurture talented elites who can work as leaders in medical science and are needed for research in advanced biotechnology which will lead in the 21st century.

Educational Goal
  • To nurture the ability to use specialized knowledge in medical sciences.
  • To nurture outstanding elites who will go on to Dental School, Medical School, or the College of Pharmacy.
  • To nurture future leaders, who are needed by our nation, through organized education in the required fields.
  • To nurture specialized researchers who advance into bio-industry using biotechnology.
  • To build a base to nurture world-class researchers through reinforced English education.