Dept. of Life Science

Educational Objective

Understanding and applying life phenomenon based on the awareness of life respect, acquiring theories and techniques in connection with basic research in systematic life sciences and various applied life science fields, and applying creative prediction and application based on analyzed life phenomena It has its main purpose in cultivating professional manpower in the field of life sciences with a holistic qualification that can provide source concepts and skills. Through this curriculum, we will further deepen the knowledge learned in the faculty, and we will try to be an international leader in life sciences by cultivating creative scientists who have both analytical and practical skills through individual research.

Educational Goals

  • Study of the nature of life through basic principles of life sciences and conceptual understanding
  • Development of creativity through understanding of life phenomenon and natural order
  • Specialization training of physiological activity control technology which gives vitality to the biomass industry
  • Fostering national competitiveness of life science professionals