Article No.
Title : Notice of Suspension of National Health Insurance

(English below)


조선대 유학생 여러분 안녕하세요?


아시다시피 대한민국 보건복지부에서 모든 외국인들에게 7월 16일자로 국민건강보험 의무가입을 통보하였으나,

다행히 교육부와 대학의 건의가 받아들여져, 국민건강보험 가입은 2021년 2월까지 유예되었습니다(2021년 3월부터는 자동가입).


그때까지는 기존에 학교에서 제시해주는 건강보험에 가입하면 됩니다(1년 11만원).

* 건강보험 미가입시 비자연장 및 발급 불가


이 부분 참고해주시기 바랍니다.




- 국제협력팀



Hello everyone~

Hope you're doing well.


As you know, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has informed all foreigners of their obligation to join the National Health Insurance as of July 16, 2019.


Fortunately, the objection from the Ministry of Education and the Universities in Korea was accepted, and the National Health Insurance subscription will be suspended until February 2021 (automatic sign-up from March 2021).


Until then, you have to keep the health insurance program that already offered by the school (110,000 won a year).

* Visa cannot be extended and issued without health insurance.


Please refer to this.


Thanks and have a good day!


- Int'l Office

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