Chosun University pursues communication, harmony, innovation and integration.
Welcome to Chosun University.

This year marks the 69th anniversary of Chosun University. Chosun University was founded on the needs of the community and the foresight of the foundation associate in 1946. Chosun is using the knowledge and experience gained over the past 70 year to move forward towards a better, brighter future.

Our University Creates Global Brand Value.

Chosun University, one of the top 15 universities in the nation, has built sister relations with several outstanding foreign universities. The sister university programs have allowed for the exchange of professors and students which have added value to our community and creating global brand value. By bringing together the wide range of opinions and concerns of university members in a democratic and transparent way, university governance has ensured an environment of co-prosperity built upon respect and harmony.

Our University Pursues Specialization through Harmony and Communication.

The future of the university and our community can be found in specialized education and encouraging pioneering leaders in new areas, while creating harmony between the humanities, arts, sciences and nature.

Our University Pursues Overall Change and Reform.

To overcome the many current issues facing the university and achieve our educational goals, we need to wisely choose optimal changes and reforms. Chosun University can and will solve present problems based on what we have achieved and will continue to improve for a brighter future.

Through realization of the university and industry cooperation system, advanced education, research infrastructure and student support systems which respect their personality and creativity, our university will become the best university in Honam Province, one of the 15 top universities in Korea. and an internationally competitive university in Northeast Asia and beyond.

Chosun University with vision and hope will be a cradle for education and research as a center of future education.

We hope that you will support us as we grow and develop.

Thank you.

Sung-Geum Hong Ph. D.
Chosun University, Interim President