History of Chosun University

부대연혁 정보
연 도 내 용
1948년 05월 26일 Establishment of Chosun College approved
1948년 05월 26일 Reorganization of Chosun Academy into Chosun College
1947년 12월 31일 72,000 members enlisted under Chosun College Founders' Association
1946년 12월 01일 The prospectus (membership invitation) of Chosun College Founders‘ Association announced and Raising funds for CCFA started
1946년 11월 23일 Gwangju Evening Academy changed its name to Chosun Academy.

government authorization of expansion of divisions, departments and students
1946년 09월 29일 Gwangju Evening Academy opened (4 academic divisions, 12departments and 1, 194 students)
1946년 09월 09일 Gwangju Evening Academy authorized
1946년 08월 Chosun College Founders' Association established.
1946년 04월 05일 Organizing committee formed for the establishment of the Chosun College Founders' Association.