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Register for courses

Before starting to study, all students should register for courses within designated date. Actually, it is not easy for you to register courses for yourself because it is written by Korean. So, it is desirable that you ask your professor or assistant students to help sign up your courses.

The site for signing up your courses is

Korean Language Course(Graduate Only)


  • Period : One Semester/ 15 weeks
  • Time : Every Saturday 09:00 AM ~ 13:00 PM
  • Place: International Building, 3rd floor, Lecture room (changeable)

Tution Fee : 150,000 won

  • Account Number : Gwangju Bank 004-107-356423
  • Remitter's name : Student's Name

All new students should register above 2 classes at 1st semester.

Subject Information

Subject Information
Subject NumberTime
한국어 129699Saturday 09:00-11:00
한국어 229700Saturday 11:00-13:00


There is a bank located inside the CU campus: a campus branch office of Gwangju Bank.

Location : Main Building
Office hours : Monday to Friday, 09:00-16:00
The bank is located at Main Building of the campus and has ATMs (cash machines) all over the campus.

Open a bank account: In order to open a bank account, you have to prepare for your passport and Foreign Registration Card. If you don't have foreign registration card, take your professor in charge(supervisor) to the bank and if he or she guarantees, you can open a bank account without a foreign registration card.

Student ID

Students receive a student ID free of charge.

Main Library

You can borrow books from Main library by using of your student card.
In case you don't have a student card, use your certificate of registration temporarily.