For international students' safe study in Chosun University, we urge you to buy insurance. We have two(2) kinds of insurance companies, CHARTIS and Hanwha Insurance, you can choose one.

Application Procedure

Application Procedur Information
CODE HanwhaInsurance
1. Application formDownload (1 page)
2. Insurance fee(1 year)After1987120,000 Korean won
1975 ~ 1986150,000 Korean won
3. Bank account1) Bank Name : Gwangju Bank
2) Accounter Holder : 서진혁
3) Account No. : 742-107-010673
Submit wire transfer receipt to our insurance assistant (International office) after remitting money.
4. Fax some1) Insurance money deposit receipt
2) A copy of alien card
3) Insurance Application Form
Fax: 0502-824-1562
5. Insurance Card Pick-UpPick up your insurance card in international office after 10 days from application.

How to get refund medical expenses you paid.

Please fax below documents.

  • one copy of alien card
  • one copy of insurance card
  • one copy of the insured's bankbook
  • hospital or pharmacy(drugstore) receipts

Exclusions(Insurance company will not pay for treatment of these conditions as below.

  • Pre-Existing Condition(any treatment of pre-existing conditions, illnesses or injuries that pre-date the purchase of this insurance policy).
  • Vaccination, Medical checkup, Maternity (Child Birth and Miscarriage), Dental Costs, Oriental(Chinese) Medicine.
  • If your medical expense is under below expense, you cannot reimburse.
    - Private hospital : 10,000 won
    - General hospital : 15,000 won
    - University hospital : 20,000 won