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Foreigner’s Registration Card

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  • 1Foreigners' Registration Card
    2Registration No.
    3Name in English
    5Visa Type (Korean Language Education:D-4 undergraduate, graduate school:D-2)
    7Issuing Date of the Registration Card
    8Visiting Period
    9Card Issuing Institute
    10Changes (visa type, address, passport, changes of school and qualified activities)
    11extended period of visit

when the foreigner's card is issued, the visiting period is specified as in ⑦ and ⑧ above. Undergraduates can extend their visa 2 months before the visiting period expires. If the visiting period is extended, the extended period is marked as in ⑪. For details, refer to 3. Visiting period extension. Those who do not extend their visiting period within the proper time may be punished (by a fine, by returning home, or reported missing according to Immigration Control Law.)

Foreigner's Registration

  • Subjects: Foreign students
    (Korean language education in Korea, undergraduates, graduates, and those in the exchange student program)
  • Time Limit: Within 90 days from entry into Korea
  • Documents Required: Application form, passport, certificate
  • Those who do not register within the proper period shall pay a fine according to Immigration Control Law.
  • More than 2 weeks is required for issuing a registration card.

Foreigner's Extension

  • Subjects: Foreign students in Korea (Korean language education, undergraduates, and graduates)
  • Documents required: An application form, passport, a foreigner’s registration card, a certificate of attendance, a grade transcript, a tuition receipt, a bank deposit certificate(showing more than 13 million won in funds), the application fee (60,000 won)
  • Application Period: 2 months before your visiting period expires.
  • A Reference: in cases where the G.P.A of undergraduates is below 2.0 or in case when they have a grade of F, additional documents are required from Gwangju Immigration Office.

Extension of Visa

Extension of Visa
Graduates D-10
( undergraduates or Graduates students)
Those who complete a graduate school program
SubjectThose who need an extension of their registration period because they are looking for jobsThose who complete the graduate programs and need an extension of their registration period in order to write their thesis
Application form, passport, foreigner's registration card, Graduation (or expected graduation) certificate, Grade transcripts, Tuition Receipt, Bank deposit certificate (above 13,000,000won),Application fee(60,000 won), a professor's recommendation,Students who live outside:Housing contractApplication form, passport, foreigner's registration card,Certificate of Completion, Confirmation Form for Faculty Advisor on a Student's Thesis Schedule, Transcript, Bank statement(above 13,000,000won),Application fee(60,000 won),Students who live outside:Housing contract
After acquiring a bachelor's degree - Before visa expirationAfter a completion certificate is issued visa expiration
References1.Those who have acquired a bachelor's degree and a mean of 3.0 in grade credits and are recommended by professors
2.Those who have acquired a master's degree in humanities and are recommended by professors.
3.For graduate students who meet such conditions, an extension within 6 months is allowed.
1.A Maximum of 2 years extension can be given for a doctor's program and a 1 year extension for a masters program once each year within 6months of expiry.
2.The recommendations shall include a specific record on thesis instruction, a judgement schedule, and recommendations. However, scholarship students shall present their scholarship confirmation issued by the International Education Promotion Institute.

Reports on Additional Activities

  • Employment is permitted: Those who have the qualifications of studying abroad(D-2, D-4) , are attending school and have completed more than 1 semester of their program.
  • Permitted time: 20 hrs per week during semester, and no limit on weekends, holidays, and vacations.
  • Permitted jobs: Temporary jobs appropriate for students.
  • Documents Required: Application form, passport, foreigner’s registration card, certificate of enrollment, a grade transcript
    (for undergraduates and graduates with a mean GPA above 2.5 )
  • Those who want to be involved in additional activities shall be permitted to participate. Those who are engaged in Illegal activi ties shall be fined and return home.
  • Freshmen are permitted to participate in additional activities one semester after entry (Korean language education, under gradu ates, and graduates)


  • Those who want to visit their countries within their visiting period shall obtain a re-entry permit from the Immigration Office or visit the Immigration Office for permission in advance. Those who make a trip home without a re-entry permit will invalidate their visas. Please get a reentry permit before traveling abroad.
  • Documents Required: Reentry permit application form, passport, foreigner’s registration card
  • When your visa is extended, a reentry permit is automatically applied.

Reporting a New Address

  • Foreigners who change their address shall report their new address within 14 days of moving to the Immigration Office, city, county, and district heads.
  • Documents required: Application form, a passport, and a foreigner’s registration card

Qualification Change

Qualification Change
CodeD-2 → E-1,E-3,E-7D-4 → D-2
SubjectsOf those who have acquired a bachelors' degree, those who want to get jobs (refer to references for further information) When language students take regular programs (undergraduate's, master's and doctoral programs)
Passport ,Foreigner's registration card, Application form , Graduation certificate, Employment contract, Presidents recommendation, Reason for change of status, Application fee (50,000won)*Documents may be adjusted when necessaryPassport ,Foreigner's registration card, Application form, Admission permission certificate, Education certificate, Family registration (for Chinese), Financial certificate or fidelity guarantee, Application fee(50,000won)
References1.Those who have acquired a bachelor's degree in engineering, completed more than 7 semesters in engineering and want to be employed in an internship by a public or private institute.
2.Those who have acquired a bachelor's or master's degree in humanities in Korea (bachelors shall be limited to 12 kinds of jobs)
3. Period: Within the range of a job contract.

Family Invitation

Family Invitation1
H2 visa application F-3 visa invitation
SubjectsWhen students who are Chinese or Russian and have been attending school for more than 1 semester want to invite their parents or spouses and have a D-2 visa.When students who have been attending school more than 1 semester and want to invite their family with a qualification of D-4 and D-2 (except for applicants for H-2 visas)
Subjects to
be invited
Parents or spouses who are more than 25 years oldSpouse or children below the age of 20 without the spouse
How to applyVisa application: Visit the Immigration OfficeVisit the embassy or consulate for foreign students in Korea
Family Invitation2
Inviter (student)familyF-3 visa invitation
① Visa application (click how to apply→HERE)
② Reason for invitation (Records on the relationship with the invited, A legal visit and return guarantee)
③ The identification certificate of the inviter: A copy of your passport, A copy of your foreigner's registration card (front and back)
④ certificate of student enrollment of the inviter
⑤ A transcript of inviter
⑥ Invitation agreement
① Passport / copy of your foreign residence identification,
② The original and a copy of the family registry (print all pages of personal records),
③ Public documents to demonstrate the relationship to the student studying
④ A family relationship certificate
⑤ 1~2 family photos
⑥ Marriage documents(The original or a copy )
⑦ For divorced or deceased parents: A divorce certificate or a certificate of death
① Passport
② Visa application form
③ Family relations documents (Marriage certificateㆍfamily registry copy or Birth certificate),
④ Student enrollment certificate and the tax certificate of the inviter

Report on Changes

  • When changes such as a re-issuance of passports or school transfer occur, report it to the Immigration Office within 14 days.
  • Documents required: Passport, Foreigner’s registration card, Report sheet, Certificate of student enrollment at a new school or a withdrawal certificate from the previous school.

Notice after graduation

Students shall report to International office when they have some changes(registration, extensions, graduation,temporarily absence and getting a job). If they don't, they may have some troubles when they stay in Korea.



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  • Address : 196, Hwajeongro, Seogu, Gwangju
  • Phone number : 062-381-0312 or 1345