Part Time Job

Information website

  • Chosun University Website : Go>
  • Chosun University job portal site : Go >

Application Eligibility

  • Those Overseas Study (D-2 or D-4) VISA holders who have either attended more than six months

Allowed Working Field

  • Occupations acknowledged as having close ties with your major/socially acceptable fields of occupation for students
    Translation, interpretation, librarian/ sublibrarian, school cleaner, staff at restaurants, assistant office worker
    Other legal labor fields
    Foreign language instructors at educational institutes, including private institutes (only those qualified)

How to apply

  • Application form
  • Passport & Alien card
  • Certificate of Current Enrollment (Completion of more than one semester)
  • Official transcript
  • Recommendation for Part-time Employment
  • Certificate of Business Registration – valid only with owner’s resident registration number

Employment permissible period : 20 hours per week( no limit during vacations)

Those who infringe any part of Immigration Act are charged with penalties.

In case of applying for part-time, you must notify that fact and also receive agreement from the supervisor.

You can apply for part-time, when you take the documents and visit international office by using internet :